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Who we Are

We, Timon & Josef, have founded a young Berlin-based company that is socially committed to help the image of LSD, Psylocibin, DMT and other psychoactive substances. We advocate for a more open & liberal social structure in which psychoactive substances can be legally consumed by everyone.
Our goal is to raise awareness about psychedelic Substances and the correlated cognitive freedom that comes through working with those. We also believe that the war on drugs especially on psychedelic ones – is absolutely useless. An open approach of Integration, Education and also decriminalization is an intrinsic part in understanding psychedelics as tools. The War on Drugs actually is creating much more Harm to everyone than it benefits our society.

Through events, demonstrations and open discourse, we inspire change for freedom. With our Festival we provide an exhilarating experience through the tools of music, art and workshops.


Josef comes from a musical background and discovered his love for psychedelic experiences in the club and festival scene. For him, combining mind-expanding substances with art and culture is an essential part of his development. For a long time, Josef has been an integral part of Berlin’s club culture, organising various collective parties and festivals. 

Now he combines his psychonautical experiences with his love of events. 

With the “Morph Tribe” he regularly organizes LSD parties in Berlin and the Morph Festival is also part of this vision.
Right now josef produces his own psychedelic Music and focusse on building up a strong sustainable Community.

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