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Morph Festival

The Morph Festival is a wonderful gathering for those interested in psychedelic music. 

With about 1000 people we create a weekend full of magic, fun and educational workshops.


To prepare for the psychedelic journey there are many workshops in the field of bodywork such as yoga sessions, qigong or other preparatory courses. 

To prepare also the mind for the experience, we offer guided meditations, talks and ceremonial gatherings. 

A full day is available for preparation, which is concluded by a large fire ceremony followed by a jam session.


The next day is in the full glory of the experience itself.

After a hearty breakfast, the music is turned on and our guests can pick up their dosage at the Psychedelic Anchor. Psychologists, medicine workers and experienced psychonauts are also available here to talk about issues and be a help to them. 

We strictly document how much 1V-LSD each person ingests and ensure safe guidance through the experience. 

The rest of the gathering will be rounded out with 3 floors.

One floor is in the full sense of ecstasy and offers with fast psychedelic music the potential to travel far and experience a full pleasure.

The second floor harmonizes with its natural sounds and recharges the batteries. Here will run music in the downtempo range. 

The last floor is less a dance floor, but more a chill out area with music to relax and lie. Here there will be ambient and shamanic sounds.


After the night turns back into the Day – we will have the Music running until the Day but more chilled. There will be the possibilities to attend workshops again. Also, we will give the Possibility for the one who want to share their Experience with the Crowd. We believe that Festivals should be treated as a place of connection where people learn from each other for their daily lives. In our case, particularly in the psychedelic states of the mind. 

The Idea is that we morph altogether and when we land back and safe – we collectively learn from this experience to make the next morph even more beautiful and profound!


Last but not least, the whole festival is decorated with all kinds of funny or interesting extras.
But we say nothing about that here. Its upon you to come and explore the Space!

The whole Festival goes from Thursday (day of arrival) until Sunday evening.

We are looking forward to seeing you 🙂

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