Morphing Doors (Microdosing Event)

With the Morph association we organize smaller microdosing parties, where we provide the guests with some microdosing 1V-LSD included in the price at the door.

Through a suitable ambience, good music and a professional psycare Team, we can create a wonderful experience for the guests.

Triggered by the substance, our Experience was that all guests enter into a deeper connection with each other and pay attention towards spreading good energy to everyone at the Event. 

From past experiences, 10-20 mcg of 1V-LSD is quite enough to have a suitable experience indoors. To make sure that no-one is overdosing themselves accidentally, we document & supervise the consumtion Level of our Guests.

Through carefully selected musicians, we create a journey on every floor that takes everyone into the flow. Here we pay special attention to an opposing mixture and Variety, Our Partys are designed to mirror the Nature of Duality: Ying & Yang. 

So one floor invites to complete ecstasy. The fast and psychedelic music from the area of Techno & Goa creates a wild & energetic ride.  The other floor with its relaxing sounds fueled by downtempo and melodic house creates a loving atmosphere, in which each person can surrender/dissolve into the sounds.

All this is included into a beautiful designed space that hosts even more treasures and little things that only wait for you to be explored! 

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