Our Festival Stand

With our Festival Stand, we parade through the music Festivals of Europe and spread our Vision of a tolerant and Drug-liberal Society.

The Morph e.V

“The Morph” was founded to introduce a new inclusive and liberal event concept to Berlin’s nightlife.

We advocate for cognitive freedom in society and party culture and give guests a safe space to experiment and explore their minds. Through our many years of experience with psychonautical events, we know how to ensure a smooth execution.

Morphing Doors (Microdosing-Event)

With “The Morph” we organize smaller microdosing parties in Berlin, where we provide the guests with some microdosing included in the price at the door.

Through a suitable ambience, good music and a professional psycare we can create a wonderful experience for the guests.

The Morph Festival

The Morph Festival is a wonderful gathering for those interested in psychedelic music. 

With about 1000 people we create a weekend full of magic, fun and educational workshops.

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