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Everything about LSD

- LSD Usage Advice -

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Here you will get a brief introduction about the most important Information correlated to LSD and its usage. Please read through carefully – you will be definitely rewarded with important knowledge!

Even though we educate about LSD here, we clearly differentiate between the well-known drug LSD and the less researched research chemicals from the LSD substance group. 

All substances that we distribute on fairlsd.com are NOT suitable for consumption and are strictly available for research purposes. 

Due to the structural similarity to LSD, we still want to educate about LSD. 

We believe that the use of any psychedelic should be accompanied by a perspective of information, responsibility and understanding. We love your safety!

What is LSD?

LSD is a type of psychedelic substance. Such substances trigger changes in perception and thinking, often amplifying sensory awareness, yet reducing one's control over the experience.

What are the derivatives?

LSD derivatives refer to chemical compounds that are structurally similar to the classic psychedelic substance, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide). These analogs might exhibit similar properties to LSD due to their shared core structure, but they can possess unique characteristics due to variations in their molecular composition. Some known LSD analogs include 1P-LSD,1D-AL-LAD, 1D-LSD. However, these substances are strictly available for research purposes. 

Effects of using LSD:

LSD is a psychedelic hallucinogen. Psychedelic hallucinogens induce states of altered perception and thought, frequently with heightened awareness of sensory input but with diminished control over what is being experienced.

Table of Contents

-Effects of using LSD-

Unlike stimulants and some other drug categories, LSD doesn’t yield consistent or replicable outcomes. The experience with LSD is greatly influenced by an individual’s mindset and surroundings.

The effects of LSD can be categorized into immediate and prolonged impacts. Immediate effects manifest shortly after consuming the substance, while prolonged effects may manifest as changes in an individual over weeks, months, or even years. Typically, an intense LSD experience can leave a lasting impression throughout one’s life.

Short Term Effects:


Mental and physical Stimulation

Increases cognitive thinking processes

Feeling of Oneness with the Universe

Vivid Visiuals and a stronger sense for Sound

Mixture of Sensory impressions (Synesthesia)

Deep Spiritual Experience


Feeling of Nausea

Emotional Turbulences

Inner Restlessness and feeling of being Overwhelmed

Hypersensitivity & Delusions

Altered Temperature sensitivity and sweating

Long Term Effects:

Unlike other drug classes like stimulants, LSD does not produce predictable or repeatable effects. More so than other drugs, an in-dividual’s expectations and choices strongly affect the experience.

We categorize LSD’s impacts into immediate and extended effects. Immediate effects manifest shortly after taking the substance, while extended effects emerge as changes in an individual over extended periods, from weeks to months or even years. Typically, a profound LSD journey can influence an individual for a lifetime.


LSD diminishes the activity within the brain’s “Default Mode Network” (DMN). This decrease in DMN activity acts as a sort of ‘reset’ mechanism. Given that mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and OCD often exhibit heightened DMN activity, LSD has the potential to notably alleviate anxiety and depression when administered appropriately in a supportive environment.

Numerous individuals note increased tranquility and contentment months after their psychedelic journey with LSD. Some even attribute it to breaking their habitual feelings of isolation, having experienced a sense of universal connection.

LSD may also aid in reducing addiction tendencies, as elevated DMN activity is linked to substance dependency.

However, it’s crucial to understand that LSD’s effects are highly individualistic and unpredictable. While these outcomes are frequently reported, they are not guaranteed.


Addiction: LSD is not typically viewed as an addictive substance. While LSD can elicit strong feelings of euphoria, its effects diminish significantly if taken consecutively in short intervals. This means one can’t achieve the same intensity by using it on successive days due to the brain’s temporary resistance to its psychedelic effects. However, some individuals might feel a strong affinity for LSD, seeing it as a vital spiritual aid and using it regularly.

HPPT: Often termed “flashbacks”, Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPT) is when an individual, after consuming LSD, sporadically re-experiences sensations reminiscent of a prior trip. Examples include seeing visual trails from light sources or halos around them.

A notable long-term effect associated with LSD consumption is the “serotonin syndrome.” This condition can pose risks for those who later take specific antidepressants, as LSD alters the equilibrium of the brain’s neurotransmitters. Neurotransmission plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions, including emotions and moods, which are impacted during LSD consumption. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to feelings of joy, may be disrupted by prolonged LSD use. Over time, this disruption can impair the brain’s natural ability to derive pleasure without external substances. In extreme cases, this can result in mood fluctuations and depression, potentially necessitating therapeutic or medical interventions.

-Things to Consider-

What are you taking and how ?

LSD doesn’t take effect immediately; however, its effects typically begin within an hour. The trip’s intensity may peak for more than 4 hours, with diminishing effects persisting for up to 16 hours thereafter.

LSD is distinct in its notably low toxicity. While ingesting an excessive amount can be deeply unsettling, potentially requiring medical attention, it’s unlikely to physically harm you. Yet, if what’s believed to be ‘LSD’ turns out to be another substance like an ‘NBOMe’ compound, an overdose could be lethal. Due to the illegal status of LSD, verifying its authenticity is challenging. This uncertainty becomes especially pronounced when considering a larger dose from a previously untested source.

Should I take Psychedelics ?

Understanding the effects of LSD without having personally experienced it can be challenging. It’s vital to approach the substance with caution, especially if there’s uncertainty about facing its potent effects. Many opt out of using psychedelics due to concerns about relinquishing control, while others embrace it for introspective purposes, willing to forgo some control for deeper self-awareness.

It’s advised to steer clear of LSD if:

  • You are on any psychiatric medications.
  • You have a predisposition to psychosis.
  • A family member has been diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia.
  • You are undergoing significant life challenges.
  • You are deeply concerned about confronting suppressed fears or past traumas.
  • Peer pressure is your primary motivation.

Should any of the above resonate with you, we strongly suggest consulting with a healthcare professional, such as a psychologist, therapist, or physician, to discuss your situation. If you remain keen on exploring the effects of LSD, engaging in a conversation with these experts can provide valuable guidance on its appropriateness for your current circumstances.

For professional counseling inquiries, reach out to us via email at “[email protected]“. We’ll promptly respond and connect you with our network of specialists.

If you decide to experience LSD independently, please heed our guidelines regarding the right environment and mindset.

Set & Setting

The impact of LSD is profoundly influenced by one’s mindset and environment, as well as the dosage taken. This substance tends to intensify internal and external perceptions. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that both your mental state (set) and surroundings (setting) are optimally prepared to gain the most from the experience.

Set = Your mental and emotional state entering the experience.
Setting = The physical environment and ambiance around you.

Reflect on the following to gauge your set:

  • Are you suppressing any feelings or thoughts? (These will likely surface).

  • How have your recent mental and emotional states been? Are you in good health, both mentally and physically?

  • Is there fear associated with what LSD might reveal? Or is it more of a reverence? For your setting, consider:

  • Is the chosen location one where you can express yourself freely, even to the point of uninhibited dancing?

  • Are you in a secure environment that requires no travel and is conducive to your experience?

  • Are you accompanied by individuals who understand you and with whom you’d be comfortable sharing deep-seated fears?

  • Is there a private space available for solitude, if needed? LSD can prompt introspection and lead to questions you might not have considered before. With this potent agent, ponder what aspects of yourself or your life you’d like to transform. When approached with clear intent, LSD can illuminate ingrained patterns and beliefs in a manner previously unrecognized.

To ensure a positive experience, selecting an appropriate dosage is paramount!


Choosing the correct LSD dosage is crucial. Because of LSD’s potency, it’s measured in “µg”, a precision that demands specialized laboratory equipment.

Remember: 1 µg = 0.001 mg = 0.000001 g

Producing LSD requires meticulous precision. Crafting high-quality LSD in the right dosage is a challenging endeavor, emphasizing the importance of knowing your source to ensure optimal quality and accuracy.

Typically, a standard dose of LSD ranges from 100-150ug. However, some blotters on the market claim to have dosages as high as 400ug. It’s vital to be informed about the potency and origins of your substance.

For those new to the psychedelic experience, a starting dose of 50-100ug is advisable. If you’ve previously tried psychedelic substances, a dose between 100-150ug may be more suitable.

Higher dosages, beyond 150ug, are better suited for those with substantial psychedelic experience, as these intensities can be daunting for the uninitiated.

Even for those with a sturdy mental constitution, LSD can be an intense experience!

Another highly recommended way of making sure you have the best Set & Setting is to have a Tripsitter.

Having a Tripsitter

A tripsitter is an individual well-versed in the effects of LSD, capable of safely guiding someone through the psychedelic experience. Psychedelic substances like LSD can induce a myriad of altered states of consciousness, heightening one’s susceptibility to suggestion, especially when around others. Such heightened suggestibility means that one’s beliefs can profoundly shape their perceptions. For instance, if the idea arises that one might be dying, they might interpret their skin as turning pale or mottled.

A trusted tripsitter can often provide reassurance or divert the individual’s attention by changing the environment or introducing something pleasant. It’s vital for someone in the midst of a challenging experience to be reminded that the sensations will pass and are a temporary effect of the drug. Supportive comments and actions can be beneficial. It’s crucial to discuss and plan beforehand for potential challenges during the experience.

-Combinations to avoid-

We do not recommend to use LSD with any other Substance combined. You should if you want to discover the benefits of LSD only consume it and not mix it as it can lead to uncontrollable Situations.

In Any Case you should definitely study the combination chart of Tripsit.me to be more clear about dangerous and less dangerous combinations.

Klick on the Picture to get the chart in Full Resolution.

Do your Research and be highly careful with your mind and body! You should always treat yourself with love, trust and see your Body as your Temple that accommodates your spirit.

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