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Our mission is to accelerate, deepen, and integrate the knowledge of Psychedelics into modern Society.

We thrive for an open Communication & believe in the power of Psychedelics when used right. To achieve this we aim to create a Community by establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations that have psychedelic Education & political activism in their core values.

We believe into a strong Community and therefore we invest 50% of our Profits into our Sister Organizations. The Vision is that we all work together for the bigger Picture of Psychedelic liberty and Freedom.

Our Values

Model Proactivity

Create the conditions for awareness to become action

Ensure Equity

Dismantle systemic barriers to care

All Gender, Races & Sexes

Promote Agency

Believe in the limitless power of community to ensure a stable Network

Obsess about Data

Commit to reflection and iteration, data-driven decision making, and transformative learning

Prioritize Partnership

Accomplish greater impact together than alone

Exude Brightness

Invite positivity, live in optimism

What Drives us ?

We are a social focussed  legal Psychedelic Vendor that responds to the moral imperative to provide high-quality Psychedelics globally to those who feel the need of inner exploration. We strive to ease suffering by providing a comprehensive model of Harm-Reduction combined with the trust in the purity of our Substances. 

We refuse to accept that the government is deciding over our own Consiousness.

We make ourselves strong for cognitive freedom and a more liberal Psychedelic Society.

Our Core Beliefs

  • All human lives have the same value, and every human being has the inalienable right to be healthy to fulfill their potential.
  • Its our human Birthright to explore psychedelic states of Mind.
  • All people need to stand in solidarity with those who find themselves at the margins of modern society.
  • Injustice is not accidental but a direct result of structural violence and oppression. We can fight injustice by changing those dynamics.
  • It is our moral call to action to expose social injustice and to work toward correcting those systemic forces that create inequalities, no matter how impossible or challenging this task might look.

You want to Participate ?

We are currently building a strong Connection to the Psychedelic Society Berlin, wich is our most recommended Community related to Psychedelic Knowledge. If you are based in Berlin you can come to one of their events to meet in Person. 

If you are based somewhere else in Germany but would love to connect, you can also join the Discord Channel an be able to connect over distance!


- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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