Our Festival Stand

With our festival stand, we parade through the music festivals of Europe and spread our vision of a tolerant and drug-liberal society.

We believe that the society has to provide the population with knowledge and safe spaces to explore psychedelic substances. We consider the prohibition of expanding one’s mind through mind-altering substances to be a crime against humanity. Not only because these substances are part of the human cultural heritage, but also because we think that its time to rethink old dogmas. 

If done right – everyone can learn about themselves & possibly be able to shape themselves into a more conscious and healthy individual, through the psychedelic Experience. 

Let’s work together for a fair and free society and further the psychedelic renaissance.

As experienced festival guests and organisers, we know that festivals are a good opportunity to explore the psychedelic state of mind outside of our normal conditioned reality.

To make sure that everyone has a good experience, we setup a segregated Area that allows explorers to have a safe and harmonious Environment. As we are very experienced with psychedelic states of mind, we pay extra attention towards a good Set & Setting and combine all our Knowledge so we are able to create a good feeling Framework:

– Through the display of creativity, through art,  music & dance, we stimulate all senses and give the feeling of community trough having a lot like-minded people around us.

– We are happy to share the Vision of our Project and partner Projects. If possible we will host Workshops and talks related to the use of psychedelics in modern times.

– Our Area will be an anchor for Explorers to start their Journey with good feelings and in trust. 

– As we know that psychedelics can be challenging from time to time we open our Jurt for every customer to come back to us any time they feel like. We will have bedding to lay down, good Tea & if necessary someone to talk to / get assistance in your Process from our experienced Team. A ou Team consists of psychologists, experienced psychonauts and anthropologists with cultural background in the ritualistic field – we are able to help with multidisciplinary advices and guidance. 

Feel free to contact us via E-Mail: “[email protected]” if you want us to be part in your event!

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